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The Black Stalker[ | ]

The Black Stalker serves as the main antagonist of the game.

He first appears as early as the prologue when Igor Khymynuk, Anton and Olivier first infiltrate the Chernobyl power plant, where he kills Anton and manages to wound Olivier before he and Igor manage to escape. Not much is known in the beginning of the game aside from the fact that he can open portals by himself and is very powerful. It is further through the game that it is revealed the Black Stalker is affiliated with the NAR, judging by clues found.

Black Stalker 2

In-game appearance of the Black Stalker during a cutscnene


During the board investigation, "Black Stalker", the true identity of the main antagonist is seemingly revealed for now. Igor's old friend Boris Glukhov. It is stated that Boris was performing various dangerous experiments and tests on himself with chernobylite, coming to multiple breakthroughs, eventually getting killed supposedly from one of his own tests. Professor Semonov was able to use a combination of his own intelligence and Boris' research to resurrect him with the power of chernobylite, as the Black Stalker.

During the ending of the game, the Black Stalker's actual identity is revealed. He is the real Igor, and player Igor is the Tatyana's child, birthed from a strange reaction to injected chernobylite, carrying the memories of his father's - real Igor - as if they were his own.also he is a sexy dude