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Overview[ | ]

Glyeb is a minor character in Chernobylite.

Igor first meets the 10-year-old boy during the quest "on opposite sides of the barricade", where he is being held prisoner in the underground prison by NAR forces. Igor has the choice to either free him and send him to Olga's village, or to leave him in the cell. Glyeb mentions that his father is deceased and his uncle is his caretaker now, insisting his uncle will come find him and punish whoever locked him up.

It is later hinted at during the "Kozlov kidnapping" quest that Glyeb is the nephew of General Kozlov, with suspicions being confirmed during the "Hard Truth" quest, where Igor can choose to reveal Glyeb's location to his uncle Kozlov, or lie.

Quests[ | ]

  • On opposite sides of the barricade