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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Chernobylite. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic Gameplay[ | ]

Chernobylite is a survival-horror game, and is not meant to be an easy one at that. This being said, one of the most important aspects of the game is gathering, crafting, and management of resources. You can use these resources to make medicine to heal yourself, build and upgrade weapons to help you in combat, and fill your base with different workbenches, machines, and other buildables. It is important to keep an eye out for these resources and to use your Environmental Analyzer to locate nearby resources. Resources can also be gathered from dead enemies, as a reward from certain missions, and by having companions do missions as well.

Combat is also a very integral part of Chernobylite, but not necessarily in a "run 'n' gun" fashion. Stealth will usually be your best friend, especially earlier in the game where you only have a revolver, if you're lucky enough to have found enough bullets to even use it. Although enemies have weapons of their own that you might want to take, they are biometrically linked to their "owner", i.e. the soldier using it, so you can only scrap those for parts and ammo. You can sneak up on enemies and use stealth to take them out quietly, which can preserve ammo, prevent health loss, and help keep you sane if you decide not to kill them. If you have to engage in combat, or prefer it, you can peek from cover, craft and upgrade weapons, equip armour, and even set traps to give you an edge in combat. Just remember to keep a supply of medicine since health does not regenerate over time. There are other environmental dangers as well, such as radiation, that you will have to be cautious of.

Doing missions, building things, taking out enemies, and gathering resources give you experience (XP). However, XP in this game is a little different. When you level up you get a Social Point, which can be used by talking to a companion and learning specific skills from them. Each companion has their own set of skills they can teach you according to their specialty/profession, and each skill costs a significant number of points (usually 2-4). For instance, Olivier, a mercenary, is able to teach you skills related to combat and stealth.

Each companion also has their own lore, as Chernobylite is heavily story-based. There are many chances to make different decisions in the story, of which will have different impacts on you, your companions, and the world itself. Thankfully the game is a little forgiving in that you can change the past, kind of. You need a rare resource called Chernobylite to be able to change parts of the past, making it semi-easy to change one mistake, but it's limited in the sense that you are only able to change key decisions as opposed to every single bit. Keep in mind that choices still carry a heavy impact, but a wrong choice or misclick won't be the end of the world, nor do you have to create a new game and play through it all again to see different endings.

Controls[ | ]

RMB: Rotate object
I: Open the inventory
F: Talk to character/interact/build/select
V: Toggle flashlight B: Build objects (in base or when exploring) Tab: Back button (in menus) ==

Tips and tricks[ | ]

  • Try to get a layout of the enemy area before making any moves. The more you know about enemies' locations/patrol paths and numbers, the better you can be at either stealthily taking them out one by one, or setting up a point to shot all of them from.
  • For direct combat with multiple people, DO NOT fight in the open. DO NOT try to advance the enemy directly. Instead, peek from cover using Q or E (by default), or run for your life if no cover is nearby, but even a tree might help. If you have to approach an enemy, try flanking them from the side. If you have to run at the enemy directly, let's say you only have a shotgun, remember to dodge by double-tapping the keys to go left or right (A or D by default).
  • Upgrade your weapons ASAP, a good gun will save you faster than running and hiding sometimes. And in the buildings, or bunkers, you have nowhere to run. Stability and damage.
  • If your detection bar is going up when you're about to perform a stealth kill, it means someone currently sees you and will see you killing their comrade (99% of the time).
  • Make sure to keep comfort, electricity, air quality, and radiation shielding above 100% to help maintain positive psyche among you and your companions.
  • If companions aren't healthy or unhappy (or worse), be careful sending them out as they will have lower chances of success, and thus are more likely to get injured again. Don't assign them any missions and they will recover on their own (they recover faster the better your base's stats are).
  • Worry about only what you need first. (e.g. lock picks and flares aren't nearly as important early game as basic guns, medicine, armour, etc.) (bullcrap since lockpicks more than not unlock stashes with upgraded weapons and life saving loot/food)
  • Since most "good" builds have negative side effects (e.g. lower comfort or cost electricity), make sure you have enough materials to build things to counter that loss.
  • You can still build things outside of your base as well, although it isn't recommended except for traps in some situations(bullcrap, youll need to utilize environment modifiers if you dont want monsters, radiation, or the black stalker on you 24/7 be liberal with them). But use traps sparingly, otherwise you'll burn through more resources than you're gathering.
  • Shotgun deals with monsters effectively, AK for humans, the Black Stalker is a toss up depending how beefed your weapons are. The pistol is really only effective as a last resort close range weapon. The crossbow is the best silenced weapon as it makes no noise, unlike silencers which like IRL just reduce noise.
  • Looting is life, scour every corner and knockout as many enemies as possible. Upgrading the PDA will save you alot of time.
  • The earlier you can build a mushroom and food farm the better. This will save you alot of time and alot of wasted effort given you remember to harvest each day. Plus it will save you the headache of rationing down the line.
  • Have 500 radios to improve comfort but don't want your base to turn into the Radio Shack? Assign a corner or part of the base that is usually out of sight for things like radios (add walls around this area for extra effect).  ==

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