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The Locksmith[ | ]


The Locksmith as seen ingame

Yuriy Melnyk is a character Igor meets randomly within Chernobylite. You can exchange goods for either lockpicks, gear or resources.

Backstory[ | ]

Yuryi and his twin brother Athanasius grew up in a church orphanage where they were abused by staff and colleagues alike. They had to fight for their own survival. Their lives of crime started very early, the duo becoming very skilled at pickpocketing and picking locks over time before they reached maturity. They began to travel around the country, living off petty crime, until someone told them that there were still many unclaimed riches in the abandoned city of Pripyat. They went there in search of treasures that would make them rich. Unfortunately, Athanasius disappeared one night and Yuriy has been looking for him ever since. 10 years have passed, the search yields no results. Yuriy still believes that he will find his brother alive and well. [1]