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Adriana[ | ]

This is all the information gathered about "Adriana" thus far.

The Adriana Headset was build by Igor.

Conspiracy[ | ]

This is all the information gathered about the Conspiracy thus far.

 So... this mysterious Agent Splinter was conducting intelligence activities in Pripyat!
 Boris Glukhov - my old friend... and a KGB informant Bastard
 Search for: Tatyana Amelieva
 Search in:  NAR database019/11
 Find Text:  *Tatyana Amelieva* 
 Search results:
 "Tatyana Amalieva" - files found: 1
 The full register of the COMMUNION phenomenon.
 1996 (Month and day unknown) - possibly the first occurrence (no evidence). Male, 35,
 time: 30 seconds. Subject sings "Johnny B. Goode,"
 by Chuck Berry - One of the songs from the Voyager Golden Record.
 1997 (Month and day unknown) - the second occurrence (no evidence). Male, 51, dura-
 tion: 1 minute. Unrecognizable, the phrase "DARK IN HERE" can be heard.
 08.07.1999 - occurrence no. 0807/99. Female, 27, duration: 10 minutes. Mostly unreco-
 gnizable. The word "GREEN" can be heard.
 11.03.2000 - occurrence no. 0403/99. Male, 27, duration: 30 minutes. The phrase,
 "BEGIN THE FESTIVITES" is repeated for the enire
 30 minutes.
 11.08.2000 - occurrence no. 1108/99. Male 27, duration: 30 minutes. First,
 unrecognizable word: "PLEH". Repeated for 29 minutes. 1 minute - the word "GOD".
 12.03.2001 - occurrence no. 1203/01. Duration: 3 minutes. The name, "TATYANA AMA-
 LIEVA" can be heard.
 note: the name refers to the case (ref. no. 860917/TA) of Tatyana Amalieva, a chemical
 engineer, previously working in the V.I.Lenin Power Plant at Chernobyl. She was surveilled
 by KGB agent Splinter
 Document FF 0054/01
 Last printed on [Redacted] PM
 10 09 26 No. 1081A
 in relation to:
 Surveillance operation codename: Dorothy  [TOP SECRET]
 Comrade major Stepanov,
   As per instructions me and my team have set
 up surveillance equipment targeting all key points,
 including The Dish (Cafe Pripyat). This will allow
 us to track all persons of interest in relation to
 the safekeeping of project DUGA. Unfortunately, the
 few assets we keep on payroll are refusing to
 assist us, purely for patriotic reasons. This will
 make another dent in our operational budget which,
 as you know, I would rather spend on more advanced
 tect. We're already falling behind the omperialist
 surveillance capabilities as it is.
   In summation: At this time, there's no evidence
 that Dorothy's involved in any anti-communist
 schemes, nor have we uncovered any plans to expose
 state secrets via teh Western press. We've also
 found no indicators that she's been in contact with
 any foreign handlers or assets. However, we have
 discovered a plethora of Western contraband, mainly
 in the form of books and music.
   I recommend that we continue with our
 surveillance until we can prove or disprove our

                                       File no. 1164
              Motion No. 038/12/10
 To: Makor General Ivan Markelov, Chief of the Second
     General Directorate of the KGB         Date Issue: 05.12.87
 Comrade Markelov,
 Respectfully,  I would like to appeal to you on
 behalf of one our field operatives, codenamed Agent
 Splinter. He's a good communist and a fantastic
 surveillance officer who ahs recently been deemed
 unfit for duty on the grounds of failing his
 psychological evals.
 Comrade Markelov, I personally handpicked Agent
 Splinter during his studies at Leningrad
 Polytechnics and I can vouch for both his integrity
 and usefulness to our department's current
 operations. As much as I appreciate the work and
 input of our staff psychiatrist, Doctor Bruhanov, I
 feel the strong need to emphasize the urgency of 
 our current assignments that - in my opinion -
 deem such considerations secondary.
 Therefore, I would like to ask you to back my
 request to reinstate Agent Splinter to active duty
 so he can continue his work in Pripyat. Despite
 experiencing some minor personal difficulties,
 Agent Splinter remains one of our top field
 officers and I need him on the ground to safeguard
 the new DUGA project.
                                Comrade Major Kuznetsov
 My father Voladia, sends his love.
 He asks if you will join him for the
 upcoming veteran's reunion
 Major Kuznetsov,
 As promised, below is the list of just a few
 of the many anti-communist and subversive
 contraband items I observed at Amalieva's
 place. The possession of bootlegs and
 samizdats ridden with imperialist propaganda,
 obscenity, violence and indecency demostrates
 exactly what kind of person Amalieva really
 is and speaks volumes of her anti-Soviet
 character. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised
 if this is just the tip of the iceberg.
 If I may be so bold, Major Kuznetsov, I would
 like to take this opportunity to recommend
 placing her under surveillance and
 restricting her access to vital projects at
 both the power plant and the DUGA facility.
 I believe that she may pose a serious threat
 to our scientific efforts.
                      With respects,
                      Comrade Engineer at
                      Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
                      Nuclear Power,
                      Boris Glukhov
              Contraband List:
 Music Albums                             Books
 -Sex pistols - Anarchy in the U.K.       -The Art of Love by michalina wislocka 
 -Donna Summer - Bad Girls                -Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
 -Iron Maiden - Killers                   -The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn
 -Kiss - Creatures of The Night           -Lolita by Vladimir Naboka
 -Julio Iglesias - El Amor                -1984 by George Orwell
 -Village People - Go West                -A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
 -Talking Heads - Little Creatures        -The Day of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

   The KGB were watching us,
  but the surveillance was intense,
 way [Redacted] higher than usual...
     but why?
 Looks like the Pripyat Cafe
   was an important KGB hub.

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Black Stalker[ | ]

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