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Mikhail[ | ]

Mikhail is one of five recruitable NPCs in Chernobylite.

Mihail is first mentioned as the owner of the bunker in which Olivier and Igor reside in. He's a main story character as he's one of the 5 recruitable companions for Igor's team to infiltrate the power plant. He is also one of the 5 people Igor can ask to train him to improve his skills, he offers training in improved gathering, improved bag space and gathering plants with the chance to also get food rations.

Personality[ | ]

Mihail is unapolagetic, merciless character with an aggressive language and personality. Scarred by his troubled childhood, the disaster and losing friends becauase of the NAR he has developed strong hatred for them and does what he can to defeat them.

Missions[ | ]

He will first contact Igor on the radio, asking him to help him sabotage the network of NAR to which Igor can agree or put into question. In this first mission Igor has the chance to either do what Mihail asks of him or use his access to NAR servers to find information about Tatyana, which Mihail will not like.

During the first mission Mihail serves as a distraction so Igor could access the servers but unknowingly blows up containers full of toxic gas and traps himself in a building in the Eye of Moscow.

In the second radio contact he pleads Igor to come and help him escape, for which Igor needs a gas mask and filters to breathe in the gas. After this rescue Mihail can be recruited as a companion. His relation with the player will change depending on certain choices in the game.

Quests[ | ]

Skill Trainings[ | ]

  • Capacity
  • Gathering
  • Perfect Gathering
  • Survival Instinct
  • Perfect Survival Instinct

A picture of Mikhail