Chernobylite Wiki
Mission screen

The menu to assign missions

The gameplay loop of Chernobylite is structured in missions. Every day the player selects missions to carry out, and assigns their companions to carry out missions also. There are 6 types of mission. Most days upon waking up the player will receive a story mission, either from the radio or from a companion. These missions will be marked with a red exclamation mark. Performing these missions will advance the story and give information and clues to the player.

The other 5 types of missions are all done with the intent of gaining resources, Those resources being food, ammunition, medicine, chernobylite, or location specific, each location having certain quantities of resources. In every single mission type, players will select the mission, that mission being assigned to a location. The player will be transported into the location, and be able to explore that location. Each location has given rarities of each resource, as well as points of interest marked with a question mark. Points of interest contain, characters, clues to the story, pictures of Tatyana or simple scares.

The player will use their PDA to scan for resources and explore. The main objective of the mission will be shown with a diamond-shaped icon, and the player will make their way to it in order to complete the mission. Once the player obtains the objective they are free to continue exploring or use the portal generator to return to the base. Should the player use the portal generator before completing the objective they will return to base with all the resources gathered during that day, but the mission will be failed. If that mission is a story mission it will be able to be attempted again.

If the player dies during the mission they will be captured by NAR and sent to a prison facility. The player will be stripped of all their items and must find their items in the facility, stashed in a bag, and teleport out. Upon death the player will randomly lose an item or stack of items. Story missions are available until completed, but resource missions are only available for 1-2 days before being replaced. Once the player completes a mission they are unable to start another mission before sleeping.

Companions can be sent on missions and will attempt to complete the objective of the mission unless it is a story mission. If a companion is sent on a story mission they will only reduce the number of hostiles in the area to make it easier for the player. Companions will be shown to have a specific percentage chance of successfully completing a mission, based on their gear and statistics. If a companion completes a mission successfully, they will return with the objective and some location specific resources. If they fail, they will return with a small amount of location specific resources and lower health and psyche.