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Olga[ | ]

Olga is one of five recruitable NPCs in Chernobylite.

Olga Astapienia is the guardian of the Red Forest and leader of her village. She's tough-minded, direct, honest to a fault, very, very stubborn and fearless. Once she makes a decision, it is very difficult to convince her to change her mind. Olga, together with her stepfather, leads a small group of samosiels who bravely fend off attacks by NAR mercenaries.

Olga has a husband, Kostek. Igor has the option to kill Kostek or leave him alone in a quest prior to meeting Olga, where he is being hunted down by NAR soldiers for being a thief. This choice can greatly affect gameplay when meeting Olga.

Quests[ | ]

Skill Trainings[ | ]

  • Discipline
  • Organization
  • Perfect Organization
  • Control
  • Perfect Control