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Main short firearm of the game. It is a two-action Nagant revolver. The cylinder of the revolver holds 7 rounds. The cylinder is fixed, that means reload must be done through reloading window, which forces the shooter to manually eject the spent casing and load the round one at a time. (more description incoming)

 Ingame Description: A seven-shot revolver commonly used by NKVD operatives back in the day. Simple, reliable design. Easy to both recreate and upgrade.

Methods of Acquisition[ | ]

  • At the main base, before heading out for the first mission, Oliver gives one to you with a few rounds.
  • Two are located in the Moscow Eye inside the building in the middle of the map. The exact place is marked by a question mark (?) if the spot is available for the chosen mission. Sometimes there is a scripted event with an infected soldier just in front of said building.
  • Can be made by electric lathe in the main base, the recipe requires 6.00 Mechanical parts & 4.00 Electronical parts.

Characteristics[ | ]

The Revolver has a few characteristics that one needs to understand to use it efficiently. Depending on the chosen difficulty, revolver deals low to medium damage, while having high recoil. Without additional perks, it takes roughly 5-6 shots to kill a Shadow and 4-5 to kill a NAR Soldier. The accuracy of the gun depends on fire rate, if a shooter waits out the recoil before shooting the next round, Nagant can consistently hit targets at medium, and even long ranges. If shooting faster, revolver manages to hit targets at medium ranges, but firing at close range is the go-to strategy. When it comes to the rate of fire, the revolver can empty its cylinder in about 2 seconds. In case of emergency, a non-disciplined shooter can easily spend whole 7 rounds, hitting nearly 2-3 of them, even though the enemy stands close to them.

However, if used properly, the revolver can be used to quickly dispatch any single foe, be it NAR or Shadow, before the enemy can retaliate. In case of NAR, standing closer to the enemy and shooting fast, preferably to the head, is viable yet dangerous strategy. To kill Shadow, the shooter should never stand still, instead, one should aim and hit 2-3 shots, depending on the proximity of the Shadow, then extend the distance (run away) and repeat until the enemy is dead. Due to the long reload and small cylinder capacity, the revolver forces the shooter to grab cover when more than one enemy appears. If there are more than two enemies in range, one must be really careful, else risks injury.

Thanks to the availability of the Nagant, one can carry more than one loaded revolver at all times. With this technique, if one gun runs dry, the shooter can quickly pull out a second or even third gun and continue shooting.

Pros and Cons[ | ]


  • High fire rate
  • Ammunition is plentiful


  • High recoil if shooting rapidly
  • Low damage

Ammunition[ | ]

Uses Revolver Ammo that can be found easily in most locations. Main source of this ammo are NAR soldiers, who usually carry 1-5 rounds. In addition ammo can be found in a few locations:

Moscow Eye

  • Building with 2 Nagants, there are 3 packages of 7 rounds each in the same room as revolvers
  • Same building, second floor, the other room holds one package (7 round)
  • Tent with NAR service codes, inside NAR checkpoint and Broken Truck

(add locations where ammo is always found and best ways to find it, locations may not spawn on given mission).

It can also be crafted at the Hydraulic Press, the recipe takes 1.00 Mechanical parts and 2.00 Flammable to produce 7 rounds.

Modifications[ | ]


Starting stats of the Revolver

Magazine Trigger Barrels Stock and Handles Sights
Standard Magazine +/- 0 Standard Trigger +/- 0 Standard Barrel +/- 0 Standard Stock +/- 0 Standard sight +/- 0
Big Cylinder Hardened Trigger Stability +1 Riffled Barrel Range +2 Reducer Recoil reduction +1 Carabine sights +/- 0
Belt Magazine Softened Trigger Recoil reduction +1 Long Barrel Damage +1 & Range +2 Heavy Stock Stability +1 Closed Red Dot Sight +/- 0
Double Cylinder Suppressor Damage -1 & Silenced Knuckles Handle Melee Damage up Open Red Dot Sight +/- 0
Compensator Recoil Reduction +1 Sniper Scope +/- 0
Sniper Barrel Range +2