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Overview[ | ]

Professor Semonov is a major character in Chernobylite, being the lead scientist for NAR.

Igor used to work with Semonov, and the two supposedly had a friendship back in the day when Igor worked on the Chernobyl project.

When Igor meets with Semonov during several quests, he comes across as innocent and apologetic to Igor for betraying him, claiming he doesn't know much and he is just working there. It is later revealed through board investigations that Semonov was lying to Igor, being the brains of the operation and hoping to turn Chernobylite into a trillion dollar business. Conversations between Kozlov and Semonov during these investigations suggest that Semonov actually has greater power over Kozlov, belittling him for his lack of understanding, he is also seen speaking directly with the CEO of the Chernobylite operation.

Semonov is responsible for creating the Black Stalker, who he refers to as his right-hand man, out of Boris.

Quests[ | ]

  • An Old Friend
  • Some Excuses