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The main short-medium firearm of the game. The tube magazine of the shotgun holds 4 shells. The tube magazine is fixed, that means reload must be done through reloading window, which forces the shooter to load the shells one at a time.

 Ingame Description: Multi-shot, smoothbore pump-action shotgun. The most practical armament, very easy to manufacture and use. With a little skill, you can modify its age-old design to increase its possibilities.

Methods of Acquisition[ | ]

Characteristics[ | ]

The shotgun resembles the Russian made Baikal MP-133 made by the Kalashnikov Concern. The shotgun comes with a Wood stock and front grip.

Pros and Cons[ | ]


  • High damage at close range


  • Take quite some time to cock the gun without upgrades
  • Ineffective at long range

Ammunition[ | ]

Uses Shotgun Ammo that can be found in some locations:

Moscow Eye

It can also be crafted at the Hydraulic Press, the recipe takes 6.00 Mechanical parts and 3.00 Flammable to produce 8 shells.

Modifications[ | ]

Magazine Trigger System Barrel Stock Scope
Standard Magazine 4 Shells Standard Trigger +/- 0 Standard Barrel +/- 0 Standard Stock +/- 0 Standard sights +/- 0
Chamber Reinforcement Damage +1 & Range +1 Enhanced Trigger System Range +1 & Stability +1 Long Barrel Damage +1 & Range +2 Reducer Range +1 & Recoil Reduction +1 Open Red Dot Sight Stability +1
Extended Magazine Space Magazine +1 shell Rough Trigger Stability +1 & Recoil Reduction +1 Short Barrel Damage +2 & Range -1 Assault Stock Stability +1 Closed Red Dot Sight Range +1
Cassette Magazine Recoil reduction -1 & Magazine +2 shell Automatic Trigger System Damage -1 & Recoil Reduction -1 Widened Barrel Damage +1 & Recoil Reduction +1 Thermal Vision Scope Thermal Imaging